Add Cool Shade with Parasols

barlow sail round parasolThere are parasols and, then, there are parasols. The outdoor Parasols Umbrellas by Barlow Tyrie aren't made for a casual stroll in the park, but they're the ideal sun protection for your patio, pool deck or garden dining area. The facts: The umbrellas are made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic yarn, providing a rich, high-quality fabric that is as easy as a summertime breeze to clean. The locked-in color makes them resistant to fading and they arrive with a stain repellant to keep them looking pristine the entire season through. The stain-repellant should be reapplied when you clean the umbrellas to increase their longevity.

Choose your coverage. The umbrellas come in a variety of diameters, from an 8x8 feet diameter for a quaint cafe table to a 13x13 foot model for extra shade coverage. Whether you choose an aluminum or eucalyptus frame, each of the umbrellas can be tilted for maximum sun protection. The telescopic fitting at the top of the pole makes it easy to smoothly lower the umbrella over your dining table, without any finagling.

Sail-Canopy cropped

Have a space that needs more shade coverage than an umbrella can provide? Barlow Tyrie's Sail Sunshade can cover an entire expanse of sun-exposed outdoor space.