Spruce up the Patio and Deck with Shag Mats

Have you ever noticed that creating a beautiful outdoor space can mean owning a lot of high-maintenance equipment and furnishings? That's why Didriks makes sure that our outdoor furniture and accessories are both beautiful, durable, and easy-to-care for. Chilewich Plynyl Shag Utility Mat

Take our outdoor mats by Chilewich, for example. These stylish shag utility mats can be used both indoors and outdoors for comfort, function, and a splash of color.

Indoor use. We recommend these mats inside any door accessed from your patio, garden, or pool. They are 100% vinyl, and won't slip and slide on tile or other hard surface flooring. They are perfect for keeping muddy paws, wet feet, and dirty shoe prints from making their way through your house.

Pool side. Even non-slip concrete can become slippery when wet. When you use them at the entry/exit pool stairs and ladders, they keep your family and guests upright and safely on their feet. Plus, they're mold and mildew resistant, which keeps the area sanitary. They wash easily and dry quickly.


chilewich shagmat orange-600

Add a bit of color. In addition to adding water/dirt protection to your indoor and outdoor living spaces, Chilewich's outdoor mats come in multicolored patterns, or more subdued neutral colors, to suit any design.