The Perfect Summer Blanket

Who doesn't love the summer? Hot days, cool nights, and an abundance of sun. You might be surprised to know that we also love snuggling under blankets during the summertime months. So, what's a snuggler to do when temperatures rise? When the nights become an alternating series of kicks, turns and flips, trying to maintain some semblance of a blanket presence without overheating? Find the perfect summer blanket, that's what.

Brahms Mount blankets

Guess what? We've found it! The Brahms Mount team has saved the day and nights. They have made the perfect linen and cotton blankets no summer home can be without. Our professional testers (by professional testers, we mean those of us here at Didriks) say one blanket isn't enough.

Brahms Mount blanket

For the beds. Make sure every bed is equipped with a Brahms Mount blanket. They look perfectly tidy folded up at the foot, and can be easily pulled on top of a sheet when the early morning chill creeps in.

For the beach. Headed to the sandy shoreline? A day blanket is light enough to be packed in your beach tote, but big enough to supply ample ground cover for you and your family. You may want to pack an extra in case you decide to hunker down for the sunset, or enjoy a beach bonfire later on.

Brahms Mount blanket

For the picnic. A picnic isn't a picnic without the right blanket. The Brahms Mount blanket is perfectly sized for picnics at the park, on the lawn, or beside the backyard pool.

We're right in the thick of the hottest part of the season, so get your day blankets at Didriks today!