Make Decorating Fun with Heath Ceramics Summer Seasonal Collection

Heath ceramics

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons for decorating. You have the chance to infuse your home with bright colors, and fun takes precedence over formality. Heath Ceramics has a summer seasonal collection that will infuse your home with the effervescent energy of summer. They also make perfect wedding gifts for summertime brides and grooms.

Heath ceramics bud vase

Nip it in the bud. Their bud vase is sweet enough to stand on its own, but looks even better when enhanced by a bud from your garden. Whether your roses are exploding with scent and color, or you want to display a single stalk of Lily of the Valley, these vases have summer written all over them.

Heath ceramics cup

No more broken glass. Tired of the traditional water glass? If you're looking for a more durable cup for outdoor dining without having to go the plastic route, we recommend these tall ceramic cups. The glossy white interior finish creates a crisp contrast with the exterior glaze. These cups are only available through October, so get them while they last.

Heath ceramics cafe bowl

Summer garden salads. The cafe bowl is the perfect size for a salad harvested from your veggie garden, or for your granola, yogurt and fresh farmer's market fruit. And, did we happen to mention ice cream?

When you invest in Heath Ceramics, you're supporting the last of the famous mid-century California potteries that still produces their own dinnerware and ceramic lines. Their summer seasonal collection pieces are collectors items, so the Didriks supply is limited.