Add a Touch of Blue: Orrefors Intermezzo Blue Stemware and Glassware

Add a Touch of Blue: Orrefors Intermezzo Blue Stemware and Glassware

Glassware is a key feature in a table setting. It's vertical presentation makes it a focal point of your dinner party set up. Whether you are adding a little something blue for a wedding reception, or would like to add blue accents as a cool splash to a special summertime dinner party, we think Orrefors Intermezzo Blue Stemware will be a hit.

Orrefors Intermezzo Blue stemware

Still or bubbly? The Intermezzo line is the award-winning creation of Swedish designer, Erika Lagerbielke. She continues to impress with her new blue stemware and glassware collection. Each piece has a single drop of blue that descends into the stem. You can choose from champagne flutes, martini glasses, tumblers, as well as both red and white wine glasses; ideal for tasting parties.

Orrefors Intermezzo Blue decanter

The decanter. Decanters provide a way for wine sediments to be filtered from the original wine bottle, and they allow the wine to "breathe", aka aerate, which accelerates its flavor development. The clear Intermezzo decanter will allow guests to enjoy the wines' color, as well as the single, blue, eye-catching drop in the base.

Orrefors Intermezzo Blue water jug

Hydration. To make sure your guests consider it a night to remember, make sure there is ample water on hand. The Intermezzo line has an elegant water jug and water goblets to ensure your guests are able to stay hydrated, and ward off the dreaded headache that can follow an especially spirited social engagement.

Add a touch of blue to your next special social gathering using the Intermezzo collection available at Didriks.