It's A Guy Thing: Kosta Boda Macho Decanters

Decanters have a long tradition dating back to a time when men retired to the smoking room, while women retired to the drawing room for conversation after the formal dinner was finished. While women were allowed to drink wine with dinner, or enjoy the occasional brandy, alcohol consumption was predominantly considered part of "The Man's World." This is probably why decanting still tends to considered, well, a guy thing.

Kosta Boda Swedish Glass bar ware

If your guy prefers to decant his alcohol, or you want to surprise him with a memorable gift that will last for decades, the Kosta Boda Swedish Glass Barware Collection is a great starting point. These decanters are hip, colorful and most certainly not your grandpa's decanters.

Kosta Boda satellite bottle

The Satellite Bottle. The Satellite Bottle is the way to go if your guy is more of a wine connoisseur. You can filter the sediments out of the original bottle and allow your wine to aerate in style.

Kosta Boda Macho Blue Decanter The Macho Decanter Series. If whiskey, scotch or vodka are his adult beverage of choice, the Kosta Boda Macho Decanter Series is unlike any other we've seen. The topsy turvy design and the lug bolt stopper make this the ultimate man's decanter. It is available in blue, yellow and red with green.

These decanters look great on the bar, the outdoor patio table after hours, or the coffee table in the man cave. We have a feeling they won't stay full for long.

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