Glorious Glass: Kosta Boda Cabana Series

Looking for a little something to dress up your cabana? Or perhaps you want to bring some of that lively Cabana energy into your home or office? Either way, Kosta Boda's Cabana Series will add a colorful, tropical flair to any living space. Kosta Boda has produced vibrant, colorful, and contemporary glass designs since 1742. They retain some of the world's most talented artists to work with their skilled craftspeople in order to bring the artist's vision to life in glass. This perfect pairing of talents is exhibited in their Cabana vases and bowls.

kosta-boda-cabana-vase-lime-408The vase. It's hard to tell which will be more of the feature, the Cabana glass vase or the flowers you put in inside it. Bright colors melt into a sherbet-esque glaze, infusing the glass with summery color. They are tall and wide enough for even the largest blooms from your garden or the local farmer's market. Available in four colors, you may need to have one of each since it's impossible to pick a favorite.

Kosta Boda Cabana BowlThe bowl. Whether you choose to display the Cabana bowl on it's own, or use it to house snack mix or guacamole at a poolside fete, you are bound to have at least one guest inquire, "where did you get that bowl?" We love the fiery color combination of the bright orange and yellows, but the cool, mellow greens are hard to pass up as well.

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