Get Excited About Garden Work with These Alessi Items

It's easy to get excited about gardening in the spring. But when the heat of summer settles in, it can be a challenge to maintain that springtime enthusiasm. That's where Alessi comes in. Alessi has designed fun, useful, and attractive gardening accessories that will keep your inner-gardener inspired.

Diva Watering Can. It's no wonder how the Diva Watering Can got her name. Her jubilant profile says it all. She is rejoicing in the power of hydration, and so will your plants when you sprinkle them with water from this celestial vessel. It's also available in black and green.

Watering Can

Seed Safe. What happens to the seeds grown in the fruits of your labor? Often, they are consumed or recycled via the compost pile. The Seed Safe is a beautiful, ceramic vessel that will look great on the counter, and allows you to to store the seeds from the heirloom fruits and veggies you eat for next year's planting season.

Seed safe

Red A Tempo Stool. Ah, that aching back. Alessi has the answer with their stylish, but easy to carry, A Tempo Gardening Stool. You may want to buy a few to place around your garden for convenience. The stool is 17.5-inches high and 17-inches in diameter.

Red stool

For more gardening options to enhance your landscape, continue perusing Didriks' online store.