Delight Your Guests with Fabulous Fragrance

Lafco Beach House Candle - Sea and Dune So many of our associations with home have to do with scent: the smell of cut grass in the spring, the sugary sweet vanilla scent of cookies just removed from the oven, and the calming fragrance of lavender linen spray on a newly made bed. These evocative scents illicit happy memories and an aura of peaceful relaxation.

You can achieve that same effect for your guests when you use the fabulous fragrances of Lafco Candles.

Dream Homes Candle Collection. The Dream Homes Candle Collection has been specifically blended to conjure the image of a dream home. Depending on your guests' tastes, you can select specifically scented candles to transport them to a beach house, a wintry ski house, or Marseilles, among other locations.

House and Home Candle Collection. Fragrant candles in the House and Home Collection can be used in guest rooms, baths, or an outside patio for ambiance. Consider them visual and sensual accents that can be moved from room to room.

Lafco's scented candles are housed in artisan glass containers, making them as beautiful to look at as they are to smell. They're made from soy and are clean burning, so there's no worry of unsightly grey smudging on walls or ceilings.