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Didriks is an independent locally owned business located on Observatory Hill, just northwest of Harvard Square, in the heart of Cambridge, MA. As of Spring 2014, we also have a second showroom at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.

Since 2004 our collection of fine outdoor furniture, tableware, floor coverings, and kitchen supplies has grown to include many of the premier brands from throughout the United States and Europe.

Featured glass: iittala Essence Red Wine

Didriks has teamed up with the superb wine retailer Lower Falls Wine to pair their wonderful wines and spirits with the ideal glassware. Didriks is featuring a new glass every week so check back next week for more of our favorite glassware and follow us on social media to hear about weekly glassware promotions!

This past week Lower Falls wine featured Brunellos at their weekly tasting,* often big, flavorful reds, and one of our favorite red wine glasses is the iittala Essence red wine glass. This angular, elegantly tapered glassware collection was designed by Argentine designer Alfredo Haberli to provide a beautiful silhouette for each wine style while sharing a uniform height and base size. Taken as a whole the collection expresses harmony and balance.

This is a versatile collection,  pairing effortlessly with both modern and organic styles, it's equally at home with mirrored stainless steel, as in the image below, and natural wood, as with the beautiful walnut bowl above from Massachusetts woodturner Spencer Peterman

These shots all feature the wonderful Garnier-Thiebaut coated fabric, which is available in dozens of vibrant colors and makes for a wonderful seasonal tablecloth.

*Lower Falls Wine has tastings every Saturday from 1:30-4:30pm, go and check out their excellent selection!

Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store located on Observatory Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.

iittala Aalto vases

The celebrated Aalto vases and bowls from Finnish brand iittala are now offered in so many colors and sizes, with new colors available all the time, that whatever the flower you want to showcase this spring, there is an Aalto vase to fit.

Unveiled in 1937 at the Paris World's Fair, the design has gained international renown, creator Alvar Aalto's name synonymous with Finnish glassware and design. The origins of the shape are murky, speculated to be based on some of Aalto's life sketches or possibly inspired by the fluid lines of the Finnish landscape.  

We love to arrange several complementary sizes and colors as a centerpiece, leaving them empty as a small oasis of serenity and harmony.  They are wonderful vases as well. The width and height of the style you choose will determine the flowers you are inspired to showcase, and the irregular angles create a wonderfully organic, often dramatic bouquet. I especially like the tall, narrow 10" vase for elongated, single flower displays, and the wide 7.75" vase for large, mixed bouquets. These make wonderful gifts!

Last week the daffodils looked too good to pass up. What flowers are you looking to showcase this spring?


Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store located on Observatory Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.

Origo: a Spring Manicure

We teamed up with the wonderful and extremely talented Wet Paint Nail Spa in Observatory Hill (our neighbors here in Cambridge!) to take simple color harmony to the next level and create manicures inspired by specific tableware collections. We all knew right away which collections we wanted to see in manicure form!

The bright, colorful stripes on the iittala Origo collection make it an ideal choice for a spring table or a spring manicure. The Origo mug, especially in Orange, is one of the bestselling mugs in the store, and it's not hard to see why.

Nail art by Wet Paint Nail Spa

Nail art by Wet Paint Nail Spa

We could not get over how spot on this manicure was. Absolutely gorgeous, with the striping done by hand! The mug makes me love the manicure all the more, and the manicure makes me love the mug all the more. 

This is a prime example of how decisions of style cut across categories. I think all aesthetic decisions are connected at heart, decisions that come down to personal style and preference. Decisions that, when carefully and honestly made, yield a richer, more complete enjoyment of daily activities.

iittala Origo mug in Orange

iittala Origo mug in Orange

Doesn't this just make you want to go out and get a manicure inspired by your favorite mug? Definitely check out Wet Paint Nail Spa if you are in the area, they have a number of services and, as their instagram shows, the nail art is on point. If you haven't found your favorite mug yet, check out our selection, we have dozens and dozens of styles!


Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store located on Observatory Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.

Set for Spring!

It's finally feeling like spring here in Cambridge, and this week's table setting is a bright, joyous response to the rising temperatures. We love the vibrant glazes from Jars Ceramics, which pair beautifully with Garnier-Thiebaut's colorful cotton damask table linens.

This table features Jars Ceramics Tourron tableware in Jade and Avocado, a light turquoise and a saturated grass green that is the embodiment of spring. These cool tones contrast with the vivid yellows and oranges of these gorgeous Garnier-Thiebaut napkins, the Marie Galante Passion design. We just got the Garnier-Thiebaut collection in at our Newton Lower Falls location and will have it available in Cambridge next week. This is just one of dozens of wonderful styles available in these high quality table linens, so stop in soon to see the new collections!

These orange and yellow variegated tulips are in pitch-perfect harmony with the subtle prismatic pattern of the Marie Galante Passion napkin. The beautiful textured glazes of Jars Ceramic vases make them one of our favorite gift items in the store, and they have a number of small sizes that are perfect for an intimate table.

I pulled the Chilewich Basketweave placemat in Botanic for this table, the perfect foundation for the table as it combines the spring green and robin's egg blue of the Tourron tableware with a few touches of pure yellow and bold red, allowing the Garnier-Thiebaut linens to be incorporated even as they contrast (the tulips help with this as well). The Alessi Nuovo Milano flatware has a classic, gently curving silhouette in gleaming mirrored stainless steel, illuminating the table. This line can be dressed up or down, and I think it gives a slightly formal touch to this relatively casual setting, offering elegance without compromising the approachable ease of the table. 

The Diva Living glassware from Schott Zwiesel has the same bowl options as their extremely popular Diva collection but with a shortened stem for dishwasher friendliness. Like the flatware, these glasses are equally at home in formal and casual settings, a versatile, practical collection. I added to the light blue Kartio tumblers from Finnish brand iittala to complement the Tourron Avocado teacups and balance the blue/green levels on the table. 

Diva Living Chardonnay and Riesling glassware

Diva Living Chardonnay and Riesling glassware

Much of the thought behind this setting was about balancing first the blue and the green with one another, then the yellow and orange with them, then finding small elements to pull them together. The unobtrusive key here is the gently silvered Barlow Tyrie teak table, a pale neutral background that allows all of this color to pop. 

Speaking of, our outdoor furniture spring promotion started yesterday! Follow us on facebook and twitter and sign up for our mailing list to hear about this and upcoming promotions. We're on instagram now as well! Yeah social media!

Do you have a special spring table planned? I'd love to hear about it, if you do! And wishing you all a happy Easter, a wonderful passover, and a great spring.

— Meghan

Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store located on Observatory Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.


eye on design: Michael Graves

American architect Michael Graves died earlier this month, prompting a global retrospective on his life and works (I especially liked the Slate and New York Times articles). Though a prominent and respected architect, Graves became best known for his household design, partnering with brands like Dansk, Alessi, Steuben, Target, JC Penny, and Disney to create beautiful, functional, everyday designs. 

Originally part of an Alessi design project called the "Coffee and Tea Piazza", for which several designers were asked to contribute, the now classic 9093 whistling bird kettle (colloquially known as the Graves kettle) outsold all the rest, and continues to be Alessi's number one kettle.  

This kettle, launched in 1985, was the beginning of an extremely fruitful relationship with Italian brand Alessi, and resulted in a range of accessories and complementary pieces (as well as entirely new collections), including the sugar and creamer set, the French press, the salt castor and pepper mill, and the kitchen timer.  The pepper mill was another bestseller, and all of these pieces later became available in alternate colors as well. 

See the full collection of Alessi products designed by Michael Graves here!

Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store located on Observatory Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.

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