Boston Uncommon 7 - Dramatic Background for a Culinary Show

Pillivuyt Quartet white dinner plates on Chilwich Ghost Stripe placemat

Today's tour stop takes us to Boston's Clarendon Street where we featured the dramatic Chilewich Ghost Stripe placemat (currently on run out) and elegant square Pillivuyt Quartet porcelain dinnerware. The Grass Green Libeco Home Belgian linen Polylin Napkin provides a seasonal dash of color, and a complementary tone to those in the placemat. The drama of black background and white plates with the cool color palette allows warmer toned food to certainly be the star of the show.

Supporting cast includes the perfectly weighted iittala Aarne Highball Glass and Simon Pearce Sutton Flatware complements the square shape of the plates. The napkin is rolled into the Chilewich Raymaille napkin ring.

Pillivuyt Quartet plates with Libeco Home Polylin napkin in Grass Green

Chilewich Raymaille Napkin Ring