Ready, Set, Vase!: Floral Design Competition Comes to Boston
Simon Pearce Anemone Glass Vase

The World Association of Flower Arranger or WAFA is currently hosting the world's biggest flower show in Boston. An event that occurs every three years in a city around the world, Boston is the first city in the USA to host the show featuring 630 entries and displays by floral artists from 30 countries. This event started yesterday and ends this Sunday, June 19. Inspired? So is Didriks! The gorgeous vases in our store inspire us as much as summer's blooms. With some of our favorite summer flowers in mind, here are a few ideas for a winning flower arrangement:

  • Sunflowers in the tall and sturdy Jars Ceramic Karo Vase in Mica. We think the boldly shaped and ethereal colored vase would fit perfectly with the bold sunny bloom.
  • Single blooms of gerbera or calla lilly in a selection of Heath Ceramic bud vases in various shapes and sizes.
  • A bouquet of large blooms like hydrangeas in the Simon Pearce Anemone Glass Vase that can accommodate the huge bloom heads of the flower variety with its large wavey opening.
  • Or go rustic with a bunch of summer wild flowers native to Massachusetts--pale pink milkweeds, golden alexanders, violet spiderworts--in a Match Pewter Fluted Pitcher.

[gallery columns="4"] Whatever you decide, take advantage of the season's glorious blooms and showcase them in one of these glorious vases.