Lafco Candles - What's the Buzz?

Lafco candles are a favorite of celebrities and the media. The candles continue to garner positive attention thanks to their beautiful scents and hand blown glass vessels. Lafco scents are created to complement your home - not over power it. So you will never be over whelmed by heady perfumes. Lafco has two scent collections so you are sure to find a scent that tickles your fancy. Lafco's House & Home Collection is created to enhance the ambiance and decor of each room in your home. You can purchase the candles by selecting one carefully created for a specific room such as The Lafco Dining Room Candle in Celery Thyme or the Lafco Guest Room Candle with a Daffodil scent. Of course, you can make the scents your own by moving them around the house and layering scents throughout your home.

The Lafco Dream Home Collection evokes the feeling of homes you would love to escape to. There is a Ski House Candle, Beach House Candle and many more. You may not be able to have a lake house but you can enjoy a scent that recalls time spent at one!

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