Holiday Entertaining - Host a Cookie Exchange

Hosting a cookie exchange is a great way to throw a festive holiday party that won't leave you feeling stressed out. Here are six simple steps to throwing a successful cookie party:

  1. Establish a guest list – Seven guests is an ideal number for the exchange.
  2. Ask each guest to make a dozen cookies for every person going to the party, plus one additional dozen for enjoying that night. Guests should let you know what type of cookie they are making so you avoid duplicates
  3. Set up a table or buffet with cake stands, platters and baskets to display the cookies.
  4. Create a cookie wrapping station. Guests will love to take home cookies in pretty packages that are ready to share with neighbors and friends.
  5. Prepare drinks for the evening. We recommend having an assortment of wine and sparkling water on hand for guests to enjoy. You could also brew a pot of coffee or tea for guests to drink with the cookies.
  6. Enjoy. The best part about the cookie exchange is that the host doesn’t really have to do much once the guests arrive. So relax with friends and indulge in the sweets!

              Adapted from Martha Stewart.

What are your tips for hosting a cookie exchange? Leave a comment and let us know.

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