Get Cozy with Brahms Mount Blankets and Throws

Brahms-2012-Throws-Herring-Alpaca-Slate2-300There are blankets that block out the winter chill, and then there are blankets that are so cozy and luxurious that they can lull you into a peaceful slumber.

These blankets are soft against your skin.

They are smooth to the touch.

They are Brahms Mount blankets and throws, which add an automatic cozy factor to any room in your home. Whether you’re reclining in a chair, curled up on the couch or spread out on the floor, this collection is all you need.

Brahms Mount has been perfecting their handiwork in Maine since the 1800s, weaving fabrics on antique shuttle looms and using only the finest hand-stitching techniques. The durability and heirloom quality of their products is evident in several of their fine home accessories, including:

  • Brahms Mount blankets in cool, breathable cotton, linen and wool.
  • Brahms Mount throws and their prized alpaca blend. Alpaca is a long, hollow wool fiber that increases body temperature. You’ll know for sure when you curl up with one and find yourself drifting off on a cold winter afternoon.
  • Brahms Mount baby blankets, for those little ones who crave security and comfort.

Available in a wide variety of weaves and colors, Brahms Mount blankets and throws are perfect for every room in a home and for any occasion: as wedding or anniversary gifts, housewarming presents and even those “just because” moments. When it comes to sheer comfort, they're even more soothing than a steaming mug of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows floating on top - though having the two together might be the ultimate bliss.

How are you staying warm and cozy at home this winter?