Designer Wind Chimes: Singing in the Wind

Music of the Spheres There is something enchanting about the musical serenade of wind chimes. Whether they mimic the blustery sounds of a windy spring storm, or echo a fairy symphony on a breezy afternoon, a patio or porch just doesn't feel complete without a set of designer wind chimes.

The Didriks team found the world's best wind chimes when the Music of the Spheres began to sing their way into our world. These designer wind chimes are precision tuned to the standard orchestral pitch of A440. For those of you who aren't musicians, wind chimes that have been precision tuned can be mixed and matched and still ring in tune with one another.

Your outdoor spaces will produce perfectly pitched harmonic chimes with each gentle gust of wind. Each one of these designer wind chimes has been created with a particular voice, from the Soprano Chimes - on the high-pitched end - to the Bass Chimes - on the low-pitched end. When different voices are "paired" together, your chimes will sing in harmony.

Music of the Spheres wind chimes are made from the highest quality tempered aluminum tubing, stainless steel rings, and tough synthetic cordage. The finishes are corrosion-resistant and the heaviest chimes weigh as much as 40 lbs, so take care to hang them from an area with ample support to enjoy a new song every day.

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