Coupe Dinnerware Ideal for Setting Your Winter Table

During the wintertime, there is plenty of opportunity to stay indoors and enjoy a warm, comforting meal with your family and friends. Didriks offers a large selection of beautiful ceramic tableware, creating the upscale decor you want when serving your meals. For example, the Coupe Line is comprised of Edith Heath's classic 1948 design. Coupe is ideal for someone looking for clean simple lines that reflect the mid-century Modern design era. We offer tableware settings from minimalist to rustic, and we know that  Coupe dinnerware by Heath Ceramics will give help you sustain the vibe of invigoration and delight we all crave for during the colder, wintry months.  

Coupe by Heath Ceramics

Feel free to click on the picture, and start shopping for the best fit for your dinner table. Also, if you want to share ideas that you have for this winter, just leave a comment below. Or post your thoughts on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you.