What Did Didriks Learn from 2011 for the New Year?

Happy New Year. 2012 has arrived, and it's been a busy year for those of us at Didriks.com, gladly serving you. For this blog post, we'd like to the time to share with you some of our favorite (and informative) posts over the past year. If there was a particular post you found insightful, let us know by leaving a comment below. Here's to another great year. No. 1 Lafco candles are a favorite of celebrities and the media. The candles continue to garner positive attention thanks to their beautiful scents and hand blown glass vessels. Lafco Candles – What’s the Buzz?

No. 2 Jewel-like Vitriini boxes from iittala are designed by Anu Penttinen and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Think of each box as a beautiful piece of art that can showcase favorite objects.  Vitriini Boxes from iittala

No. 3 Do you love the look of classic Belgian style that incorporates linen slipcovers, natural materials and antiques? Didriks has a very loyal following for our Libeco Home bath, bed and table linens. Love Linen?

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