Dine High this Spring with Barlow Tyrie

Spring is for the birds, so why not enjoy a birds-eye view of your beautiful outdoor spaces with a High Dining Teak Outdoor Table by Barlow Tyrie? Barlow-TeakHighDine-Cat

Whether sipping your morning coffee, or enjoying an after-work cocktail, these beautiful teak pieces are an attractive addition to any outdoor setting.

Poolside. If your smaller, water-loving creatures demand your attention more than the birds, consider adding a high dining teak table to your pool deck. Kids love to sit up on the high chairs, so it's a great way to entice them out of the pool for a snack.

Garden. Outdoor furniture in the garden provides a space to escape from the demands of indoor home and work life. In addition to a bench or a swing, we recommend adding a teak table and some chairs. It will provide you with an elevated perspective, both literally and figuratively.

Worried about the upkeep of teak? Worry no more! All you need is a little Barlow Tyrie Teak Cleaner and some Stain Guard and you are good to go!

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