Introducing Fletchers' Mill

Recently we learned that our collection of Vic Firth salt and pepper mills and rolling pins had changed hands. The popular Vic Firth Gourmet Collection was bought by Fletchers' Mill, a woodworking company based out of Maine. The items offered and the same high quality will both still be available to consumers, just under a different name. Fletchers' Mill Salt Mill

The union of Vic Firth and his Gourmet Collection salt and pepper mills was always a unique one, given that Vic Firth's main line of business is music. For over 50 years, he was the timpanist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and his love of music eventually led him to develop a line of drumsticks. After getting involved in the woodworking world, he later added the Gourmet Collection of mills and rolling pins, but when the drumstick business began to grow and demand too much time, he decided to sell the gourmet collection.

That collection is what now belongs to Fletchers' Mill, which is owned by Maine Wood Concepts. The business is based out of New Vineyard Maine, and has been owned by the Fletcher family for more than 40 years. Their commitment to quality and their expertise in woodworking makes them a perfect successor to Vic Firth, and we are excited to see how they will help this collection grow!