Lafco Candles: A Scent for Every Occasion

The perfect scent and comfortable surroundings can turn your home into an inviting retreat. One of our favorite candle collections for the Fall season is the Lafco House and Home Collection. Unlike air fresheners that mask smells or plug-in's that boost your energy bill; Lafco candles can burn up to 90 hours! These soy-based wax candles rest in hand-blown art glass that complements the decor of every room. Whether you host a book club, luncheons with friends or family dinners the Lafco House and Home candle collection has a scent for every occasion. Be sure to visit the Didriks website or our store in Cambridge, MA to indulge in the refreshing scents of Lafco candle collection.

Here are some of the fabulous scents available from the Lafco House and Home Collection at Didriks:


Images by: Didriks