Tong Time! Great Grilling Acessory

Tong Time! Great Grilling Acessory

Clickety clack! Hear that sound? That's two tongs meeting in the night over a hot smokey grill. It's tong time, grill time, and outdoor dining time. Thank goodness we have the perfect kitchen accessories to get your BBQ going in style. Rosle Locking Tongs

Locking tongs. These are the BBQers must-have tool. Our Rosle Locking Tongs have a unique, patented coupling mechanism which allows the griller to lock, or unlock, with one hand. They are strong enough to handle a tri-tip but delicate enough to recover a lost peppercorn. You can select lengths ranging from 9.1 to 15.7 inches.

Rosle Grill Tongs straight

Straight tongs. These no-frill Straight Tongs are a grilling classic. At 14.6 inches, they keep you far enough from the heat for comfort, but close enough to retain dexterity. Their perfectly curved ends ensure your grilled items can't get away from you.

Rosle Universal Tongs

Universal Tongs. Rosle's Universal Tongs have complementary ends: one a large spoon shape and the other a large fork. You can use them just as easily to toss some mixed roasted veggies or a salad as you can getting meat items on and off the grill.

Looking for more grilling tools? Didrik's offers a wide range of kitchen accessories for indoor and outdoor entertaining.