Tart and Quiche Pans for Your Summer Quick Summer Meals

Tart and Quiche Pans for Your Summer Quick Summer Meals

Summertime may be the season for beaches and outdoor dining, but it's also a time for abundant harvests of fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether you have your own garden, or visit your local Farmer's Markets, quiches and tarts are an easy way to use up summer's bounty. Plus, they make great leftovers since one day of cooking can translate to a few days of quick summer meals. Pillivuyt makes quiche and tart pans designed to bake evenly and they're elegant enough to appear on your dinner table.

Patisserie-flan-tart-dishPatisserie flan/tart dish. Porcelain evenly distributes heat but it often appears heavy or clunky. However, the Patisserie Flan/Tart Dish is made of Pillenium, which is a new porcelain compound that creates thinner walls without sacrificing strength and durability. The thinner porcelain lends itself to elegance.

Pillivuyt Round Tart and Quiche PansRound tart and quiche pans. We love the different size options available in Pillivuyt's Round Tart and Quiche Pans. You have the option of creating small individual portions, which can be frozen for later, or you can bake one large tart or quiche to be served for a special meal or gathering.

Pillivuyt Madeleine MoldMadeleine mold. At 3-inches in diameter, the Madeleine mold is made to be used for individual desserts and treats, though it's lovely scalloped sides make it an ideal dish for serving candies, nuts, or other convenient snacks as well.

Quiches and tarts are a simple way to prepare quick summer meals and desserts that are both nutritious and delicious.To search for more classic Pillivuyt porcelain ware, take a look at Didriks' Online Store.