Kosta Boda: No More Boring Bowls!

While we have a distinct appreciation for classic design, the Didriks team would have to admit we are most enthralled by the unique and eclectic. That's why Kosta Boda is one of our favorite glassware designers. If you're searching for new bowls to house your summer soups, salads, and ice cream, or to serve as an art piece in their own right, your search is over. Since their start, back in the 1700s (that's not a typo!), this Swedish glassworks company has been known for their brilliant commitment to modern design and vibrant color; boring isn't in their vocabulary.

Kosta Contrast BowlsContrast. Their Contrast Bowls are made of crystal, and have hand-applied colors in vibrant hues of green, blue and orange, as well as black and white. Then, contrasting, black calligraphic lines are brushed across the surface in a whimsical pattern. There are no two bowls alike.

Kosta Mine big bowl

Mine. No! It's mine! Mm hm. Exactly. You might as well buy all four of the Mine Large Bowls or else you'll have a fight on your hands. The rich swirls of hand-applied color means each one is unique and has a story of it's own to tell. We think these are perfect for a summer ice cream sundae!

kosta-boda-charms-bird-bowl-408Charming. Looking for the perfect summer wedding gift for the art enthusiasts in your life? The Charms Glass Bowl, designed by Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, is graceful, elegant, and contemporary. It also features one of Hydman-Vallien's signature birds.

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