3 Newer Simon Pearce Pieces Perfect For the Coffee Table

Completing an entire seasonal redecoration project sounds enticing, but you don't always have the time or the energy to see it through. Accent pieces are the "cheater's way" to get a whole new look without needing to move a single piece of furniture or dealing with construction noise. These pieces from Simon Pearce glassware can be added to your coffee, side or end tables to update your look.

Simon Pearce bowl

Summertime treats. The Chelsea Optic Petite Small Bowl is hand blown, using a combination of old world European tradition with a modern technological twist. Each piece is created by two artisans who work together to create a single piece. Among other things, this dish can be used to store sweet treats for guests, or a sprinkle of dried flowers from your gardens for seasonal potpourri.

Simon Pearce wine coaster

Happy hour toasts. Tired of the hints of red wine that seem to ring table surfaces around your gathering places? The Newport Wine Coasters are an elegant way to showcase your table settings, and they will prevent drops or rings from marring table surfaces.

Simone Pearce vase

Fresh cut flowers. This Pure Romance Vase from Simon Pearce glassware will be a favorite way to display fresh cut flowers. The clear heart-shaped vessel shows off stems, leaves and flowers, for a full color effect. While hearts are usually associated with Valentine's Day, we think it's an elegant way to say love is in the air year round.

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