Heath Ceramics Make the Mundane Beautiful

Even occasional cooks understand the irony: they have kitchen cabinets filled with functional but drab looking dinnerware and a china cabinet filled with marginally necessary but stunning pieces. You reach for one and stifle a yawn; you reach for the other and hope you don’t break it.

Wouldn't it be great to converge the two ideas – to create a kitchen filled with pieces that are both functional and pretty to look at it? The innovators at Heath Ceramics think so, which is why they've created a line of dinnerware and accessories that make the mundane beautiful.

Heath Ceramics Plaza Salad Plate Think of the fun that was instantly conveyed the last time you ordered a salad at a restaurant and it came to you on a square plate – a little thing, admittedly, but if you took note of it, that’s the point. Heath Ceramics mirrors that sense of the unexpected with a variety of square salad and dinner plates that come in a variety of colors. And serving platters?

Heath Ceramics Plaza Large Serving PlatterThey’re standouts, too, available in catchy rectangular styles.

Heath Ceramics Soup ServerHeath Ceramics’ soup server is one of the pieces you may not use every day, but you’ll want to keep it within reach for those extra cold winter days. Its covered top and soup spoon rest convey that it was designed by someone who knew a thing or two about the smart and appealing way to serve soup.

Check out Heath Ceramics menu of dinnerware and accessories at Didriks.