Pets Dine in Style with Chilewich Pet Mats

Pets Dine in Style with Chilewich Pet Mats
Chilewhich petmat

Chilewhich dog matIf your happy family includes children as well as pets, it may be difficult to tell sometimes who’s messier. But where would life be without them?

The little ones—the two-legged charmers – may enjoy the benefit of a placemat or tablecloth and a rug underneath the table to keep their spills somewhat contained. But what about your four-legged, furry friends? Why let their food and water go flying and mess your floors?

The animal lovers at Chilewich once wondered the same thing, which is why they created dog and cat mats made from their signature basket weave woven flooring.

The dog mat features a cut-out shape of a puppy in the center, so that food and water bowls can be placed on either side. The cat mat is cut into the shape of a fish. Both mats, sized at 24 by 14.25 inches, are available in warm, earthy colors, from caramel to olive green and everything in between.

Chilewhich cat mat

Place your dog or cat’s food and water bowls on top of one of these placemats to keep your floors clean – and add even more color and style to your home at the same time.

                 The Chilewhich dog and cat mats will help take a bite out of after-dinner cleanup, for all the messy four-legged eaters in your life.