Alluring Modern Cookware with Feminine Curves

There is something downright nostalgic about a sweetly rounded tea kettle whistling away on a stove, or a dutch oven bubbling with something delectable inside. The profiles of these age-old, traditional cookware pieces are linked inextricably with their soothing, comforting, and appetizing contents. The Mami cookware line, by Alessi, is full of alluring pieces with distinctly feminine curves.

Homemade sauces and stocks. If you're famous for your homemade chicken soup when loved ones are ill, or canning your own marinara sauce every fall for holiday gifts, then you'll love the Mami Stockpot. Its mirrored, polished, and stainless steel finish is definitely modern but the gently curved sides give it a comforting profile.Mami Stockpot

Traditional Casseroles. We think casseroles get a bad rap! There are plenty of fresh and healthy casserole recipes, using ingredients from your own vegetable garden, that the family will enjoy. Plus, you'll love that one casserole usually covers a night or three of dinner duty. This one-quart casserole will become a favorite of any chef's when whipping up easy, nutritious meals.Mami Low Casserole

Sauce pan. Whether you're heating up a favorite can of soup for lunch, or starting the sauce for a favorite dinner or dessert recipe, the Mami Long Handled Sauce Pan by Alessi allows you to give a quick shake or swirl while tending to your other duties. Plus, it looks great hanging from your pan rack with your other Mami pieces.Mami Long Handled Sauce Pan

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