Add Some Funky Flare to the Office with Alessi!

Ever noticed that grownups seem to remain in sync with the academic calendar? Once the kids are out of school, it's hard to stay focused at work. If you've been in the doldrums this summer, it's time to brighten up your office with some funky flair. Alessi is one of Didriks' more unique designers. They create high-end accessories with an eclectic touch. If that's what you need to add a little life to your office space, then here are some suggestions.

Alessi Blow Up Magazine Holder Stainless FC15Standup file holder. The Alessi Blow Up Magazine Holder can also be used as an eye-catching standup file for your desk. Remember when you used to tuck your favorite magazine or comic book in front of the textbook as the teacher droned on in class? File folders work the same way - 'nuff said.

Alessi Girotondo Paper Basket AKK57The round file. Oopsie! Got busted reading this month's issue of your favorite mag? Good thing you just added the Girotonido Paper Basket to your new, funky office upgrades. Your boss will be so taken by the unique stainless steel paper basket with eye-catching cutouts, that you'll be able to take his/her mind off your egregious misdeeds.

Alessi Girotondo Envelope HolderMulti-function envelope holder. A high-polish shine on the Alessi stainless steel envelope holder serves two functions: it holds envelopes, of course, and can also serve as a mini-mirror to catch a quick glimpse of yourself before you head out for happy hour margaritas.

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