The Fundamentals of Whiskey Tasting

Need a theme for your next home get together? Have a whiskey tasting. Simon Pearce is having a whiskey tasting at their restaurant in Quechee, VT on February 23. The restaurant is serving up an evening of Jack Daniel’s Whiskeys and a unique interactive tasting experience that will be led by none other than the great grand niece of Jack Daniels himself, Lynne Tolley. Guests will enjoy a three course dinner in addition to Brown-Forman’s fine wines. Educate your guests with the fundamentals of Whiskey tasting:

The Smell

Whiskey tasting takes place primarily in the nose, which is more acute than the tongue, although the two begin to interrelate as the whiskey is swallowed.

The Taste

The tongue registers the primary tastes and detects the viscosity or the "mouthfeel". If it is very pungent, it may sting the nose and tongue a bit, so be careful when nosing whiskey at full strength.

The Flavor

Is a combination of three things: the smell, taste and feeling.

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