Find the Perfect Spot to take a Seat Outside

Winter will soon be over and the relief of spring is on the horizon. When those lovely blooms begin to blossom in your garden this spring, find a spot where you can sit and enjoy the vibrant colors of the season. Didriks has Barlow Tyrie landscape seating that will provide a nice seat to rest, relax and enjoy your time outdoors.

Shown above are two units of the Glenham Circular Landscape Tree Seat that create a full circle. Made of solid teak, this seat works beautifully around trees or with other decorative ideas in the middle. After positioning, the two separate halves are held together with solid brass fittings supplied.

If you like the look of curved seating, the Glenham Teak Curved Seat has a right arm at the right end and makes a curved seat with an arm at the left end for combinations that make large diameters.

If you have a square garden, the  Glenham Teak Corner Seat will be just what you need for a perfect fit. With both the Glenham Teak Corner Seat Left and the Glenham Teak Corner Seat Right, the seating will form a perfect right angle.