Have Some Fun with Creative Napkin Folding

Challenge yourself next time you set the table for a dinner party and try one of these napkin folding techniques. These classic folds don't take much time and they add a festive touch to your table. If you want to involve your children in planning for a party this is a great way to get them involved. Guests will marvel at their handy work. Hint - You should iron your napkins with a bit of starch so you get a crisp fold.

Triple Fold - Simple and easy this fold works well if you have a flower or a party favor to add to the setting.

Men's Shirt - Isn't this cute? A red napkin with a sprig of greenery would work well for a Christmas table setting.

Bishop's Hat - This classic fold is always a hit.

All photos via StylistHome.

Learn step by step directions for these and many other napkin folding designs at napkinfoldingguide.com