Give iittala Birds for Christmas Gifts

As inspiration for Christmas gift ideas this year, we've decided to take the idiom "a bird in the hand..." quite literally.  Didriks offers beautiful iittala Toikka Glass Birds, perfect for people who appreciate fine artistry and craftsmanship. Each opulent looking bird is individually mouth blown, making every piece original and a thoughtfully unique gift. Giving an iittala Toikka glass bird can be the start of a thoughtful tradition, with each bird adding to a beautiful collection for many holidays to come. Birds as handglass art deviate from the streamlined aesthetic of Nordic design. The collectibles available on are made by respected professor Oiva Toikka, an award-winning  figure in the world of Finnish art glass. Family and friends will appreciate Toikka's richly colored, magnificent birds as beautiful examples of the art of glassblowing. For a few ideas, we've included some the various pieces offered below:


iittala Toikka Red Ibis $450.00

ittala Toikka Coral Eider

iittala Toikka Pang Bird $285

iittala Toikka Owlet $295.00


iittala Toikka Grass Eider $275

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