Vitrinni for Valentine's Day

Iittala is known for strikingly chic, sleek and lasting design, and Vitriini boxes are an ideal, thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for the love in your life. This gift will be appreciated for its renowned, impeccable glass and the vivid colors that permeate each box. Using the normal Iittala colors, the new collection of Vitriini by Anu Penttinen will allow women to place jewelry or other valuable items into a beautiful box that is lovely to look at and admire. Consider using them as your own colorful showcases. We know that one size does not fit all, so there are many sizes offered on, where you can even combine your favorite ones. Whether for mom, your spouse, friend or any other people you care about, this will be a stunning gift used by loved for many years to come. (photo:

Vitriini Large Box