iittala Origo: Bold Stripes & Modern Flair

Here at Didriks, we're all about color. We love the bold, unique, and creative ways our artisans and vendors from around the world use color to bring life to their pieces. The modern dinnerware line Origo from iittala is no exception. We think it's the perfect addition to your fall dinner table and coffee nooks. As temperatures drop in the outside world, your interior world can remain abuzz with playful energy left behind in summer's wake.

Didkriks iittala Origo dinnerware

iitala is a Scandinavian design house committed to sustainability. They oppose the idea of a throw-away culture, making it a priority to design everyday objects that are also worthy of artistic reverence. The Origo line is characterized by bold, modern colors applied using a thin-striped pattern. While it looks fabulous on your patio table in the summertime, it will also infuse your home with warmth and color during the colder months.

Didkriks iittala Origo Mug

No two are alike. One of the best things about the line is that every piece has a slightly different variation of color combinations, so no two seem completely alike. Plus, the comprehensive color palette means you can mix and match them with solid color pieces from your other dinnerware collections as well.

Didriks iittala Origo Dinner Plate

They're safe. This is truly an artisan collection for the modern home owner. The collection is 100% safe for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven! The pieces' hearty porcelain bodies stand up to daily wear and tear.

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