Add Animal Appeal for an Exotic Dinner Table

Didriks knows that animal prints never go completely out of style, which is why we always try to have a little something special in stock. Recently, we wrote about the Chilewich Cowhide placemats, this month, we have another special offering for those of you who walk a little more on the wild side. If you are a serial home entertainer who loves to do things a little differently, you'll enjoy the exotic flatware from the Sabre Zebra collection. The Zebra print designs are etched into the 18/10 stainless steel flatware. While the pieces are dishwasher safe, it is advised that your safari staff use non-abrasive cleansers and a soft sponge to avoid marring the design.

Didriks Sabre Zebra flatware

The whole set. We recommend purchasing the five-piece set, and then adding the extras from there. The five-piece set includes:

  • Soup spoon
  • Salad fork
  • Dinner fork
  • Dinner knife
  • Teaspoon

The add-ons. For a complete Zebra collection you can also order additional flatware pieces, including the soup spoon, dessert spoon, dessert knife and the demi-tasse spoon.

Didriks Sabre Zebra tasse spoon

The Zebra flatware collection offers a fun, exotic and versatile addition to any table setting. It looks great against solid colored tablecloths or place mats, and is especially dramatic against a black or white backdrop.

Didriks Sabre Zebra dessert knifePlease continue browsing through the Didriks kitchen collection to find unique, high-end accessories, place settings and flatware for your next dinner party. We love to combine the ordinary with the extraordinary for unforgettable events.