Add a Pop of Color and Pattern with iittala Birds
bird thumb

birds Nature and bird inspired home accessories have experienced rising popularity over the past several years. Perhaps this is because we are so fascinated with the bird's ability to live freely between land and sky. Finnish designer Oiva Toikka's hand-blown glass bird collection began in 1972 with a single small Flycatcher.  Now his collection has grown and these individual birds - each one unique - are coveted by collectors around the globe. We are proud to offer them as a part of Didriks home accessories collection.

Enjoy the play of colors and pattern. Check out the vibrant color in this sweet Little Tern Red glass bird. Placed in just the right nook, his body will catch the sun and cast a rosy glow. The black and white patterns on the Whooper Swan Grey glass bird can be mixed-and-matched with a variety of colors and patterns.

Add beauty and inspiration. Birds are symbolic for many cultures. For example, the Chinese view the Heron as a symbol of strength, patience, and longevity. In Greek and Roman mythology, the Owl is revered for its wisdom. Some native American tribes believe the Grouse is a symbol of movement, dance, and personal fulfillment of power. By inviting one of Toikka's magical creations into your interior space, you can be inspired by the figures' powerful presence.

Whether you select them as special mementos for family and friends, or to adorn your interior space, these unique home accessories will provide color, pattern, beauty, and inspiration to your home or office.





Image via Didriks