A Bold Rug for a Bland Space

The perfect cure for a bland and dull space or room is a bold and beautiful rug. Not only will a bold rug bring in the element of a fresh new design, it can add a few more colors to the color scheme to help you accent your room with beautiful and colorful decor. Also, when you think bold, you don't always have to associate that with bright colors. Sometimes you just need to add a bold new pattern that will be a great eye-catching decor piece. Take a look at the Chilewich Plynl Shag Utility Mat:

This Multi Bold Stripe Chilewich 2ft x 3 ft Plynl Shag Utility Mat will add a splash of color to your hallway or bathroom as soon as you put it on the floor.

If you have a more sophisticated space and just want to add a bit more interest, this black and white bold stripe pattern can blend in quite nicely.

A little bit of color can still make a bold statement when you want a minimalistic design to pack a pretty punch of color.

The Chilewich Plynl Shag Utility Mat is available in variety of designs and colors at Didriks. So stop by or give us a call at 617-354-5700.