Glassware feature: Gusto Riesling

Didriks has teamed up with the superb wine retailer Lower Falls Wine to pair their wonderful wines and spirits with the ideal glassware. Didriks is featuring a new glass every week so check back next week for more of our favorite glassware and follow us on social media to hear about weekly glassware promotions!

When we heard that Lower Falls Wine* would be tasting rosé, we knew immediately that we had to pull together some blue accents for the shoot. This is Garnier-Thiebaut's coated table linen in Mille Wax Ocean. 

The classic glass for serving rosé has a delicately flared tulip shape like this, but glasses for aromatic white wines are equally suitable. I chose to pair these beautiful rosés with the elegant Gusto riesling glass.  Schott Zwiesel's Gusto collection is mouth-blown in Germany and features incredible lightness and delicacy. Appropriate for the most formal of tables but not so tall as to be exclusively formal (for a similar lightness and quality but more height and formality, check out their Enoteca collection). The bowl tapers gently into the stem for a comfortable and approachable aesthetic. There isn't a glass I don't like in this collection,  absolutely stunning glassware.

Going to a dinner party? A bottle of rosé and a stylish coaster make a wonderful housewarming gift. Throwing a dinner party yourself? Garnier-Thiebaut coated cotton table linens come in dozens of stylish patterns and make for effortless cleanup. Stop in to see for yourself!


Recommended wines: 

Truro Vineyards 2014 American Rose - old friend and Wellesley native Dave Roberts is crafting some really good stuff at his winery on Cape Cod. Grenache sourced from California, lovely easy sipper.

Pampelonne 2014 Cotes de Provence Rose - Classica Provencial, dry, light, with lovely watermelon tones, you will wish you had a few more bottles at the ready.

Amestoi Txaklina 2014 Rubentis - from the Basque region of Spain, slightly spritzy and quite lively on the palate. A cult Rose.

Whispering Angel 2014 Cotes de Provence Rose - our number one selling Rose for the last few years. Lovely mild dried cherry notes, long refreshing finish.

Pampelonne 2014 Cotes de Provence Rose LEGEND - our favorite food rose (other than Bandol) deeper hues, more flavor intensity. Bring on the lobster rolls!

*Lower Falls Wine has tastings every Saturday from 1:30-4:30pm, go and check out their excellent selection!

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