Glassware Feature: iittala Essence Red Wine

Didriks has teamed up with the superb wine retailer Lower Falls Wine to pair their wonderful wines and spirits with the ideal glassware. Didriks is featuring a new glass every week so check back next week for more of our favorite glassware and follow us on social media to hear about weekly glassware promotions!

This past week Lower Falls wine featured Brunellos at their weekly tasting,* often big, flavorful reds, and one of our favorite red wine glasses is the iittala Essence red wine glass. This angular, elegantly tapered glassware collection was designed by Argentine designer Alfredo Haberli to provide a beautiful silhouette for each wine style while sharing a uniform height and base size. Taken as a whole the collection expresses harmony and balance.

This is a versatile collection,  pairing effortlessly with both modern and organic styles, it's equally at home with mirrored stainless steel, as in the image below, and natural wood, as with the beautiful walnut bowl above from Massachusetts woodturner Spencer Peterman

These shots all feature the wonderful Garnier-Thiebaut coated fabric, which is available in dozens of vibrant colors and makes for a wonderful seasonal tablecloth.

*Lower Falls Wine has tastings every Saturday from 1:30-4:30pm, go and check out their excellent selection!

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