Gregorian Holiday Table Setting

We had a holiday fair event at our Newton Lower Falls location (go check it out if you haven't been yet!) and local designers created gorgeous displays as part of the event decor. This is the third in a series of posts featuring these beautifully styled spaces, each was too detailed for only a few photos to do them justice. 

Jars Tourron tableware , Match Pewter accents, Gregorian Oriental rug

Jars Tourron tableware, Match Pewter accents, Gregorian Oriental rug

Gregory Gregorian, owner of Gregorian Oriental rugs, put together a sleek, modern table with elegant, baroque accents. Traditional silhouettes in pewter contrast with the bright, contemporary glazes of Jars Ceramics. Glassware from the Ultima Thule collection, a vintage Scandinavian design, and embellished Italian flatware demonstrate how pleasing and personal it can be to mix styles and brands. 

The Alessi Dressed flatware collection features an elegant embossed pattern on the back, making for a wonderful surprise when presented face up, or a detailed accent when face down.

Jars Tourron tableware  in Cherry, Samoa

Jars Tourron tableware in Cherry, Samoa

Handmade in northern Italy, this steak knife set from Berti features a gorgeous, sleek design and excellent quality blades. A wonderful touch of luxury on this table.

Menu Double Candleholder

Menu Double Candleholder

Didriks is an independent, locally owned tableware and home furnishings store located on Observatory Hill in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and at The Mill at Newton Lower Falls.