A Breakfast Table

Breakfast tables are some of my favorites to set up. Perhaps because...I love breakfast? Because breakfast is delicious? Perhaps because it is the meal most likely accompanied by natural light.

My current favorite of the wide, shallow bowls we carry is the Alessi All-time bowl, a bone china bowl that feels at once shallow and capacious. A gentle curvature makes it, in action, a really generous dish. [I am also partial to the Alessi Mami bowl and the Jars Tourron soup plates in this category.] It's simple, elegant, and it can work with any level of formality. I want to use this kind of bowl for all manner of breakfast dishes and desserts, it showcases the dish so beautifully.

Also from Alessi here is the Mami water tumbler, which is subtly convex and beautifully weighted in the hand. This is too small to be a water glass for me, but is ideal as a juice* glass.

*or whiskey... (but not for breakfast)


Also featured here is the Pillivuyt 6oz milk jug repurposed as a maple syrup pitcher, the iittala Piano Workshop dessert spoon, a Libeco Napoli Vintage tablecloth in Flax (a wonderfully heavy, coarse linen weave), and a lighter linen napkin from Libeco's Vence collection in Old Denim. Also oatmeal with berries and almonds, all of which are very good for you.


The wooden bowl in the background is from Spencer Peterman. A post on this beauty is forthcoming. [These aren't available online as each piece is so distinctive, please call or e-mail us to inquire. 617-354-5700]

- Meghan