Weekly Table Setting: Autumnal Minimalism

Weekly Table Setting: Autumnal Minimalism

This week's table setting has a minimalist feel, incorporating a somewhat autumnal color scheme without overdoing it. Fall is a wonderful time of year, and through these months we'll certainly share some pretty vibrant and colorful settings with you, but every once in a while it's nice to dial it back, and let simplicity be the star of the show. That's what we've got going on here.

In lieu of the traditional one-placemat approached, this week we've got two stacked on top of each other, first the Chilewith Bamboo Rectangular Placemat in Chino and then the Chilewich Bamboo Round Placemat in Dune. Both share the bamboo pattern, which helps them to pair nicely, but they're arranged so that the bamboo stripes are perpendicular to eachother, which is a fun twist.

Over top of the placemats, we used Libeco Home Vence Linen Napkins in Gold, which added a decidedly fall element to an otherwise neutral color palate.

For the plates, we took from two very different collections, the French Pillivuyt Plisse Plate 10" on the bottom, and the Heath Ceramics Coupe Bread Plate in Cocoa/Fawn on top. With contrasting colors, textures and designs, these two pieces are nothing alike, yet still look quite nice together.

For a contemporary touch, we went with this David Mellor Chelsea Flatware, which has a very polished, shiny finish.

Glassware, too, hailed from two very different collections. For the shorter water tumbler, we used the Alessi Mami XL Long Drink Tumbler Glasses, and then for the taller stem glass, the Simon Pearce Hampton Cabernet/Shiraz Glass.

In the very center of the table, we set a J.K. Adams Heritage Board Colonial, with a trio of bowls set atop it. From left to right, we used the Simon Pearce Square Petite Bowl in Moss, the Simon Pearce Cavendish Petite Bowl, and the Heath Ceramics Small Ramekin in Linen. The variety of shapes and sizes would make these items perfect for different dips and sauces.

What's your favorite festive (or not so festive) way to dress up your table for fall?