Libeco Fjord Tablecloth: New Color of Watermelon What we love about spring is that many of us tend to want to reinvent ourselves as well as revamp our spaces. Our immediate surroundings are a direct reflection of our personalities. A great way to feel the lighthearted ambiance and freshness of spring is to incorporate linens throughout your home. Linens can be used in nearly every room, and certainly transcends boundaries and walls as a great accent to outdoor living spaces. We found an in-depth guide on that explained so eloquently why we do what we do: provide the best linens for your upscale home and lifestyle. Feel free to visit that article for a new perspective. Plus, learn the different uses and types of fabric by looking at the three options we suggest below. You can find everything we mention on Linens by Didriks this spring.

Tabletop. From napkins to tablecloths, table linens can transform your tabletop from drab to dazzling. Try the Libeco Home Fjord collection for a crisp, straight look. The linen is availabe in many colors, including the new Fjord color 'watermelon'. The fabric is nice for indoors and outdoors.

Bed linens. The wonderful thing about bed linens is that they get softer with age. So the more you wash them and the longer you have them, the better they will feel during your sleep. Consider Libeco Home's Wyoming collection, which comes in a soft washed-out indigo blue.

Apparel. As we've stated many times before, linen wear is light and perfect for spring and summer temps. Linen is able to absorb moisture, making it a fun, comfortable wear. Be sure to check out the Libeco Home Charlie Top for women and the Henry Collection by Libeco Home for men.

Libeco Home's Wyoming collection

Photos via Linens by Didriks