Libeco Home Polylin Blend Napkin

As you know, we sincerely appreciate top-notch, high quality, beautiful linens. So it should be no surprise that we're always  digging to find new information, products and photos that makes us swoon. We've spent some time perusing the blogosphere lately, and have some beauties to share with you today. Here we have some wonderful photography from, featuring linens being used in a variety of ways - as curtains, as furniture, and of course as napkins. We especially love the color scheme - it's so seasonal and bright. We're loving these products ourselves this season, as the perfect accompaniment to an evening picnic or a weekend gathering.

Take a look at some of the divine picks we've included below, and if your interest is piqued, many of these same linens are available at!

Libeco Home Polylin Blend Napkins

Beach Towels

Linen Chairs

Linen Curtains

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