Many residents of Boston and Cambridge are spending their holiday weekend at the Cape.  If you're one of the many residents heading to the beach this holiday weekend, be sure to take your Libeco linen with you.  As I wrote about a few weeks ago, linen sheets and towels are ideal for beach blankets, picnic settings and more.  They're durable and absorb water well.  I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend and let me know which linen style you carry to the beach with you this weekend.  After all, each style makes a great statement; vibrant, relaxed, rustic or energetic.  Here are a few scenes from the Cape that inspire me, when I'm not only wanting a weekend get away but also some decorating ideas that reflect the beach. lighthouse

The brilliant white against the blue sky and red roof would go perfect with the Amherst table linen collection.

cape cod winery

A day at a Cape Cod Winery would be the ideal spot for a picnic showcased on the Yale linen collection.

cape cod dune

Imagine a beachside spread laid out on a gorgeous Bastia Table linen.  The beautiful colors would blend perfectly against the blue sky of Cape Cod.