Libeco Table Vence Linen Napkins

There's no need to waste paper or cut down trees in order to use paper napkins every day. Linens can be washed, and they add an upscale vibe to any meal. So, we say stop buying paper towels and paper napkins. Go cold turkey! If it's a habit for you the change might be a challenge, but give it a few weeks and you'll be transformed. Then replace your paper napkins with beautiful Belgian Linen ones, napkins that will stand the test of time and offer charm for your dinner table.

At Belgian Linen, we have lovely linens to choose from. One of our favorites is the Libeco Home Vence Linen Napkin. Have you seen these linens? They are casual and multipurpose with a soft finish, tinged with soft, charming wrinkles. The color palette for Vence is rich with saturated colors to add a pop to your table top, and we believe a match for anyone's taste.

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