Each Fourth of July for us includes lots of friends and food.  Everyone gathers at our house for a giant barbecue, before heading out for local fireworks.  To make sure I'm ready I always start planning the decor and menu in June.  Well, this year I've decided to do a rustic, vintage table with vibrant colors.  My hope is that everyone will feel we're worlds away from downtown Boston; escaping to the country for a day. rustic outdoor dining

This image was definitely the beginning of my inspiration this year.  I fell in love with the earthy brown tones in the table.  It gives a great addition and contrast to the regular patio furniture with umbrellas.  In fact, I think it actually brings a touch of Old World Europe to the event.  Another thing I really found inspiring was the addition of brightly colored flowers and dinnerware.

summer salsa tablerunner

However, I decided to change it up just a bit, by adding in the vibrant Belgian linen table runners from Libeco.

summer salsa life

Linen by Didriks carries them in their Cambridge store.   Their perfect for outdoor use plus they're soft and environmentally friendly.  As soon as I saw the blend of cheery pink, orange and chartreuse I knew I had to have them!  Now the question was, which dinnerware would work perfectly with my new table runners?

ChezSet Jicama

I've narrowed it down to the Chez Panisse line that is a classic porcelain in jicama.   It adds a modern touch to the overall rustic feel.   It will blend beautifully with the summer salsa linen, which was my goal since I didn't want to distract from the linen itself.

summer salsa napkin

Plus the table runners will work perfectly in place of individual place mats and since Linen by Didriks has matching napkins, it'll pull the entire table together for a colorful, summery fourth of July party that fits any backyard across the country!