Is there anything less romantic than joining the mad Valentine's rush into crowded restaurants? Often, the most romantic Valentine's Day is one spent at home enjoying a decadent dinner together or with close friends. Use Luxurious Linens to Dress Your Valentine's Day Table

If you are the host/ess for this year's Valentine's dinner, consider how luxurious linens can be used to create the perfect aesthetic to enhance your special meal.

Libeco's Fjord Table linens (pictured) are an open-weave pattern, which will allow candlelight to glow softly through their transparent overflowing edges. This watermelon-pink hue is a perfect color to add to your St. Valentine themed dinner. For a more formal look, you can smooth the edges to conform to the table. Otherwise, you can use the excess to create soft folds on the table top and sprinkle them with a cascade of white and/or red rose petals for added effect.


If you prefer a more casual table, the Amherst Table Linen Collection has red stripes on a flax background. Adorn the center with a beautiful vase of arranged flowers and/or some elegant candles and the red accents will warm your guests' hearts.

Envisioning something a little more formal? The attractive mitered hem used for the Tribeca Table Linens Collection adds a classic touch. A Fig tablerunner on a Ficelle tablecloth will create an elegant Valentine color combination.

Avoiding the Valentine's Day restaurant rush doesn't mean having to sacrifice an elegant dinner. High end table linens will provide the luxurious ambiance your special night deserves.