Fancy Table Napkin Designs to Impress Your Guests

A well set table always impresses the guests. Here are creative napkin-folding techniques, using linen napkins, worthy of a five-star dining room. bowtie napkin fold

The Bow Tie. The end product resembles an oversized bow tie, great for a formal picnic or a wedding reception. You will want a ribbon or a length of material to tie it off.

  • Lay your napkin seam-side up and fold in thirds to the middle.
  • Now fold each long end of the napkin in to the middle with one side slightly overlapping the other.
  • Slide the ribbon underneath and cinch it at the center.
  • Flip the napkin right-side-up and you have a bow tie.



envelope fold

The Envelope Fold. Start with the napkin seam-side up on the bias so it looks like a diamond.

  • Fold the top and bottom corners towards the middle with a slight overlap.
  • Do the same with one side corner, and rotate it so the square side is on the bottom.
  • Now you have an envelope to tuck the place settings into. Cover the exposed mid-point with a flower, or place card, for a completely finished touch.


heart napkin

The Heart. Perfect for Valentine's Day, an Anniversary, or just because.

  • Start with the napkin seam-side up. Fold it corner to corner to make a triangle.
  • With the long side of the triangle on the bottom, fold each bottom corner up towards the top corner.
  • Fold each of the two top corners about 1/3 of the way underneath themselves.
  • Turn it over and fold the top corner back so it isn't visible behind the heart peaks.
  • Flip back over.

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